Where do you get your protein, bro? (Plant-based)

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Protein is Everywhere.

Many Vegetarian and Vegan sources are protein rich. Plenty to sustain an active lifestyle.

Before you get started though, watch this:

I train 5 times a week, with 1 hour to 3 hour sessions some days I always have plenty of energy, good recovery: low inflammation & low injury rate, and excellent muscle mass without meat.

If you need inspiration for the no-meat protein Gainz that are possible, check out Frank Medrano.

I used to subscribe to the 2g protein per kg bodyweight per day. I have come to believe that this is truly Fitness industry hype and consumerism at its worst. See the Great Protein Fiasco linked above which I believe I’ve “confirmed” for myself in my own lifestyle. I would now average 60-80g protein per day and I perform better and recover faster now on weights, bars, rings and with cardio than I ever did before, building clean, lean muscle mass along the way.

If you are concerned about the amino acid chains, check out the excellent breakdown from NoMeatAthlete on amino acid sources.

Finding that precious protein

Now for some crazy high quality protein sources, worth seeking out if you are still concerned about your protein intake:

  • Pea Protein, Hemp Protein, Brown Rice Protein, Nutritional Yeast – if you feel you need a specific Protein supplement there are heaps of Vegan sources around.
  • Tofu, Tempeh, Soy Milk – all amino acids, also a good source of iron, calcium, B vitamins and minerals like Magnesium
  • Lentils – also excellent fiber for gut health, slow digested carbohydrate & rich in folate and iron
  • Chickpeas, Kidney & Black Beans – good source of complex carbohydrates, fiber, ion, folate, fights cholesterol and balances blood sugar levels
  • Hempseed – Insane protein levels, 10 grams of protein per 28 grams! Great source of minerals and an optimal omega 3/6 balance. source
  • Grains, Brown Rice, Wild Rice, Quinoa, Chia, Ezekial Breads – complex carb mixture with a good blend of minerals
  • Oats – Add Oats to every shake, have it for every breakfast and you can’t go wrong.
  • Greens, Green Peas, Spirulina – anything Green is generally going to be awesome, these are just some of the high protein options
  • Nuts, Brazil Nuts, Almonds, Peanuts, Linseed (Flax Seed), Walnuts, Nut Butters – Non salted trail mix, or non salted nut mix. Non roasted is ideal but whatever gets you eating them is good. Peanut butter, almond butter, make it at home if you have a decent blender. Don’t worry about the “fat” in the nutsNuts & Seeds are arguably the best source of fatsKick ass.
  • Seeds, Pepitas (Pumpkin), Sunflower Seeds –
  • Sweet Potatoes, Sweet Corn, Broccoli, Spinach – Most vegetables have some amount of protein but these are some of the richest. Worth noting, Cruciferous vegetables are good for just about everything health related.

PS. If you are worried about the Soy Estrogen (myth) issue, watch this:

By way of disclaimer, I am not a doctor, medical professional or otherwise certified nutritionist. I am a humble athlete and trainer, living off a 99% Vegan diet (I still have some occasional cheeky cheese) and loving how I feel, how I train and how my body has reacted to the past 18 months on a plant-based, whole-foods diet.

Any questions, concerns, suggestions, feedback I am absolutely all ears and always happy to be taught or corrected. Leave a comment below or contact me

Peace all!


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