Plant-based 101 – Getting Started

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Getting Started as a Vegetarian

Yo Cali Community,

When I was first making the switch to a plant-based, whole-food aka Vegetarian and eventually Vegan diet, I struggled to feed myself properly. It’s not as simple as slapping a piece of chicken on the stove and eating it straight from the pan. I didn’t know what I was cooking or shopping for, and it took me a few weeks of low energy to work it out.

I went into it unprepared. That’s all there is to it.

I’ve put together a couple of bits and pieces below to get you started. There are so many resources online, I’m not going to reinvent the wheel but I cannot recommend and Dr. Greger enough.

Review Dr. Greger’s “Daily Dozen” and use that as a guide. Print it out or use the Daily Dozen app on the iPhone or Android. Use the Weekly Planner to remind yourself of what to eat each day. Remember, diversity and consistency is key to a solid Vegetarian diet.

Weekly Planner

Weekly Planner – click to zoom

No different to a meat based diet, laziness will ruin you if you let it – you can be Vegetarian or Vegan and eat nothing but chips and lollies or live off Froot Loops and Cheerios. Don’t be that guy.

It doesn’t take much to cook or put together a decent Vegetarian dish, keep it simple, mix up the ingredients, learn a handful of herbs and spices that over time will become a staple in your cooking.

Anything you can make with meat you can make with black beans, kidney beans, sweet potato, pumpkin, tofu, tempeh and get the same filling, satisfied feeling at the end of your meal. If in doubt, refer to the Daily Dozen.

Daily Planner

Daily Planner – click to zoom

I recommend you start reading How Not to Die by Dr. Michael Greger aka to get you started on some of the incredible science behind healthy eating. His newsletter is worth signing up to if you want to get his content in dribs and drabs.

More to come soon fam,


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  1. Love that checklist. Thanks for sharing


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