Top 5 Home Calisthenics Equipment

By Kevin

I progress in calisthenics mostly by training at home every chance I get. Here are the top 5 calisthenics home equipment I’ve used to get me started and to get me to where I am.


1. Pull Up Bar/Rack – Armortech Squat Rack AT41

What you’ll use it for: dead hangs, muscle ups, L-sits, leg raises, pull ups, front levers and back levers (just to name a few). This one is both a bar and a squat rack – in case you don’t want to skip leg day.

2. Parallel Bars – Lebert Equalizer

What you’ll use it for: Dips, L-sits, V-sits, maltese, planche, p-bar handstands, front lever, low muscle ups and more.

3. Gymnastic rings – Rebel Sports

What you’ll use it for: Hang this over any bar at home or at a park and you can use it for ring muscle ups, dips, front lever, back lever, iron cross, maltese and more. Using rings forces you to engage extra muscles to stabilise, helping you build strength and balance.

4. Small Parallettes – SMAI

What you’ll use it for: Push ups, handstands, L-sits, V-sits, planche.

5. Resistance Bands – Available many places

What you’ll use it for: So many things. You can use these to warm up with various stretches, or even for a full workout with the right movements. Thicker bands provide more resistance. Try to youtube resitance bands for ideas or hit the forums for advice.



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Written by KEVIN
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  1. Din’t realise you get a squat rack that cheap. Good list man

  2. All good mate hope this was helpful 🤘🏻

  3. Those parallettes are my new favourite thing. I couldn’t agree more with the article and just wish I could put that pull up bar set up somewhere!


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