10 Calisthenics Instagram accounts you should be following

By Alex G

The word Calisthenics comes from the greek Kalos (beauty) and Thenos (strength), so naturally a sport of beauty would mesh perfectly with a visual platform like Instagram. 

Personally I use Instagram to follow and be inspired by athletes who are where I want to be and to learn from their posts and tutorials. I’m very picky about which accounts I follow – not a fan of accounts that focus on advertising or vanity without providing any actual value, whether that value be in the form of entertainment, education or inspiration. 

That said, here are 10 accounts you should be following on Instagram if you’re a cali head:

ONE – @eryc_ortiz

Elite cali athlete Eryc Ortiz from Dubai. This guy knows how to use a bar. For freestyle inspiration make sure this account shows up on your feed.

TWO – @flyingkorash

Epic flows from this German champion. Creative beatkills, strength and some of the best spins you’ll see.

THREE – @melanie.driessen

Proving that gender is not an obstacle, Melanie Driessen’s account is epically motivating.

FOUR – @osvaldo_lugones

Makes statics look easy. If you want to be inspired to work on your statics, follow this beast.

FIVE – @smallspartan_barsparta

UK calisthenics champion Jay Chris is small, strong, fearless and funny. Good content and wicked freestyle.

SIX – @showtime_gp

Giampaolo Calvaresi has some sweet flows and a great account for muscle mirin, a great example of functional aesthetics and talent.

SEVEN – @simonsterstrength

Simon Ata will inspire you to focus on your functional strength. This guy doesn’t let physics get in the way of his handstands, planches and power moves.

EIGHT – @calimove

This account is full of helpful clips to improve your calisthenics form and training.

NINE – @world_calisthenics_org

The official account of the WCO. Follow this to keep up with the latest battles and other WCO news and content.

TEN – @cali.community

Of course the Cali Community insta is worth following. Cali community will also repost your content if you’re a member on the site or hashtag #calicommunity

Hope you like this list. There are plenty of other amazing athletes on Insta who didn’t make my cut for this list, not because they don’t deserve to; I chose these accounts because they represent a diversity of account types and they have all provided me value in some way.

Comment below with your thoughts!

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