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An interesting & challenging way to change up your workouts and load up your muscles are Isometric exercises. Isometrics are great for strength gain and muscle development and can be adapted from almost any Calisthenics exercise.

Isometrics generally involve holding a static position under tension however a highly challenging variation of this is something called an “Overcoming Isometric” which involves pushing or pulling against an IMMOVABLE OBJECT with MAXIMUM FORCE – with weights this is simple right? Load up a weight you cannot possibly lift and fight it for 15, 30, 45, 60 seconds. With Calisthenics you have to be a little more creative, use a workout partner, thick resistance bands or the environment around you!


A quick reminder of the movement types:

Yielding Isometric – holding a static position in the middle of a push or pull movement while resisting a force eg. pause in the middle of a pull-up with your elbows at 90 degrees

Overcoming Isometric – push or pull something immovable with maximum force eg. pushup with your workout partner completely stopping you from lifting your body or squatting up under something that is not liftable

Concentric Movements – the muscle shortens under tension eg. the downwards component of a pushup or the upwards component of a pullup

Eccentric Movements – the muscle lengthens under tension eg. the upwards component of a pushup or the downward component of a pull-up