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L-Sit Hold Progressions

The L-sit hold is an essential bodyweight skill that is necessary to master before moving on to more advance skills. It involves supporting your entire body by the arms while holding the legs straight out in front of you.

Not only do L sit holds look impressive, they are also a great way to strengthen your core, hip flexors, shoulder stability and while actively help you stretch your hamstrings out.

L-sits can be quite challenging for first timers as it requires one to already have a significant amount of core, hip flexor strength and hamstring flexibility. However, by following the right progression and staying consistent enough, L-sit holds are absolutely achievable.

Here are some progressions that will help you to master the L sit hold:

These exercises can be performed on the floor, parallettes or a chair to reduce difficulty. 

1. Scapular depressions

– Keep your arms locked and push your hands down to lift your bottom off the floor with your shoulders.

2. Assisted single leg raises

– Bring one foot up at a time while keeping your arms as still as possible.

3. Tuck L Sit pumps

–  Tuck your knees to your body and push off the ground with your hands until your body is off the floor.

4. Single leg pike compression lifts 

– Again, lift your bottom off the ground and this time keep both legs completely straight out in front of you. Now lift one leg up as high as you can and alternate.

5. L sit pumps

– In an L-sit position, push off the gorund with your hands until your body is off the floor.

6. Alternating single leg l sit hold

– In a tuck position, slowly extend one leg out and alternate.