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Here’s a basic workshop skeleton I have used multiple times for different situations. From 3 people in my studio to 103 at Europe’s largest fitness professional convention. 

5 min talk/introduction

10 min warm up  

50 min session

10 min Q&A (adjusted if session over runs)


Engage 3-300 people in a group training environment. Ensure all levels are working together and exploring their imagination to over come limitation. Connections and communication are everything to to have them work together creates a more relaxed vibe which makes your job easier. 

•Stop the ‘school disco’ effect (when everyone new stands in their little groups)

•Push with a partner

•Pull with a partner

•Legs with a partner

•Design workouts for all at once

•Team games/input

Simple full training program for muscle up without use of resistance bands for complete beginner 

To progress to the next workout they ideally need 3 sets of 4-10 reps with  proper form. 


Rows with pull up grip. 

Incline push ups.

Bench dips.

Knee raises.


Pull ups.


Straight leg raises.


Chest high pull ups.

Straight bar dips.

Leg raises toes to bar.

Pull over – 5 sb dip – slow neg

Pull over – 4 sb dip – slow neg

– follow sequence to 1 sb dip

Jump m/up with fast neg – 5 high pull

Jump m/up with fast neg – 4 high pull

– follow sequence to 1 high pull


Jump muscle ups.

Negative muscle ups.

Chest high pull ups superset with straight bar dips.


Muscle up on s-shaped bar. This will prevent the chest touching a bar.


Muscle ups on straight bar.

MU prerequisites

This is the level people should be at to perform the muscle up alone. 

10 Pull Ups 

5 Explosive Pull Ups

15 Hanging Leg Raises

10 Assisted Muscle Ups

10 Straight Bar Dips

10 Band Assisted Chest Overs

10 Jumping Ups (above head level)

10 Negative Muscle Ups

Muscle up conditioning

This is what I’d do in a beginner class as each can be progressed or regressed to suit everyone. 

ISO hold chin above the bar 5 x Max

Negative pull – slow as poss 5 x 1 rep

Rows 5 x 10 reps

Clapping pull 3 x max 

Explosive pull 3 x max 

Straight bar dip 3 x 10 reps 

Jumping dip to negative until failure x 3 

Timing and technique 

Resistance bands can be used for timing and technique.  Beginners love to use them also.  For strength building, the bands assist different amounts depending on the amount stretched so at the bottom of a pull up (for example) it assists a lot. This is the main area needed to strengthen so it makes no sense.  A negative will provide more benefits. Timing and technique however the bands work well (videos below).

If you get stuck, elaborate on all

Introduce yourself

What is calisthenics?

Everything- bodyweight movement and exercise

What is street workout?

The sport, the scene

Warm up/stretch 

Muscle up – transition from below to above the bar.  Fundamental for athletes. Opens up a new world of workouts

Exercises for muscles used 

Demo this first a few reps so you feel secondary muscles also




Go to to enrol  in our L1 online certification. It’s the first step to being an accredited trainer. L2 workshop dates will be announced soon.