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Welcome to Cali Complete

We will be posting the rest of the content from the Melbourne Barologists 12 Week Cali Complete Program over the coming days. Stay tuned and join Calisthenics Community on Patreon to access the workout program. Read the below and get ready to work hard!

  1. This challenging but beginner friendly program provides the foundations you will need to progress in your Calisthenics journey.
  2. We recommend completing the “Set 1” of all the exercises in one go, resting, and going through the list again to maximise your gains! (Rather than completing 3 Sets of one exercise one after the other).

Frequently Asked Questions & New Terminology

What are ‘Sets’ and ‘Reps’?

‘Reps’ are the number of times you repeat an exercise without stopping, or the length of time you hold a position eg. 12 Pushups, 30 second Plank.

‘Sets’ are groups of Reps or the length of time we just mentioned eg. If you do 12 Pushups 3 times, you have done 3 Sets of 12 Reps. If you hold a Plank for 30 seconds 3 separate times, you have done 3 Sets of 30 seconds.

How long should i rest?
You should rest after each Set as long as you need to be able to hit your Rep target for the next exercise. Depending on your energy levels and the difficulty of the exercise you are doing this might be 30 seconds or a few minutes, either is OK!

What do I do while resting?
We recommend light stretching in the beginning, as you become more comfortable with bodyweight training you can rest with an alternate Muscle Group to achieve an ‘Active Rest’ eg. You have completed 12-15 Pushups, you ‘Actively Rest’ by switching to bodyweight lunges before starting Pushups again.

What does “Control the Negative” mean?
The ‘Negative’ is the part of the moment where you allow yourself to drop with gravity, in other words, when you are moving towards the floor. Eg. Pushups, Pullups, Squats – you push ‘Up’ (Positive) and then the drop ‘Down’ (Negative)

What does ‘Brace’ or ‘Engage’ mean?
Usually used when talking about your Core muscles, ‘Brace your Core’ or ‘Engage your Core’ can be a tricky concept for beginners to grasp and that’s OK! The important thing is to control your body, slow the movement down. Squeeze your belly button in, tuck your butt in and tighten up as much as you can through your mid section.

What if I can do more than the recommended Reps/Time?
If you can consistently hit the recommended Reps it is time to ‘Progress’ the movement (make it harder) – each exercise has a “Too Easy?” prompt that can suggest something harder. Message Us on Patreon if you need some alternatives, we are happy to help.