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How To Improve Your Pulling Power

 Want to learn how to pull up higher? Want to unlock or clean up your muscle up?Then you should train for power. The goal of power training is to move a load as fast as you can. ⁣

This is an explosive power movement that tends to require a lot more technique than strength, so consistent practice is very important. The aim is to do pull ups with the chest touching the bar and eventually hips to bar so that you get more used to pulling through a greater range of motion. The higher you can pull, the more improvement will you see in your muscle-ups.⁣

It is important to have baseline pull up strength before starting. If you are not strong enough to do at least 5-10 pull ups with good form then it is a clear indication that you may need to work on improving your strength first. The heavier your pull up feels, the slower the movement. As the lighter the pull up feels, the faster the movement can be.⁣

A clean pull up should have the following:⁣

– Full body tension (This means legs, core & glutes engaged. Your legs should never be crossed)⁣
– Arms locked at the bottom⁣
– Chin over bar⁣
– Hands shoulder width apart⁣
– Elbows are tucked in close to your body⁣

Exercises that we recommend starting with:⁣

1. Explosive pull up with a step back behind the bar. ⁣

For beginners, taking a step back will provide a bit of momentum for assistance to get up higher. However, it is important to ensure that you do this every rep consecutively with full body tension.⁣

2. Banded High Pull Ups⁣
Utilising a band is a great way to learn how to pull up pass your chin. Simply get under a band, have a very subtle swing and pull up as high as you can.⁣

Some things to consider:⁣

When you begin to slow down, it is important that you stop as you are no longer training for power. We recommend no more than 3-6 reps per set with longer rest period (2-5minutes) in between so that you are fresh for your next.⁣

Intent is everything. Always do your pull ups with the intention of pulling as fast and powerfully as possible. Even if you wind up going pretty slow at first, you will develop the capacity to pull up faster overtime.