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Greasing The Groove

Greasing the groove is a training method coined by Pavel Tsatsouline, a former soviet special forces instructor and the one who popularized kettlebell training in the west. It involves doing the same exercise as frequently as possible and never going to exhaustion so that you become more proficient at it. This means training at a lower intensity with more sets, less reps of a given exercise/movement several times a day.

Why Grease the Groove? 

The way it works is that the more time you spent practicing a certain movement/exercise, the stronger the neural pathways between the brain and muscles become. Hence, the better you will be at it. This is an ideal training method for anyone looking to get stronger or improve on a skill.


Let’s say your absolute max front lever hold is 10 seconds but your goal is 20 seconds hold. Instead of trying to max out all the time, drop it down to 5-7seconds, and perform these holds multiple times in a day with plenty of rest in between. Gradually increase the number of hold time as the better you get.

The beauty of bodyweight training is that your body is your form of resistance, so you are not reliant on a gym or weights to get better and stronger. This means you can take control of the amount of sets you do throughout the day. For example, do one or two set first thing in the morning, one in the afternoon before lunch and a few more at night before right before bed time.

Greasing the groove can be done everyday as long as you don’t ever exhaust yourself out. However, with that being said it is also important to listen to your body and knowing when to take rest days when needed.

To sum up greasing the groove:

– Always try to be as fresh as possible

– Practice as often as possible

– Train with the intent to improve