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We are about to drop a 12 full-body workout program for all athlete levels here on Calisthenics Community, support us on Patreon to access all the posts!

Please Follow Us, share this post or contact us for any support, questions, feedback or guidance you may have. If you feel someone on your friends list could benefit from having a solid program to follow and would find this amount of information useful please spread the word, Calisthenics Community is here to stay!

Check out WORKOUT 1 HERE to get started. Future workouts linked below as they drop!

  • Workout 1
  • Workout 2
  • Workout 3
  • Workout 4
  • Workout 5
  • Workout 6
  • Workout 7
  • Workout 8
  • Workout 9
  • Workout 10
  • Workout 11
  • Workout 12