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⁣[Tiger Bend Push Ups]⠀⠀
Tiger Bend Push Ups is a great way for developing power and strength. It is a technical movement which requires explosive strength in the upper body, full body tension and co-ordination. You want to be able to generate enough force by exploding back and forth on your toes so that you go into the push up position.⠀

We have broken down the exercise so that you can build the baseline strength required for the movement. The goal is to make the movement look smooth and effortless, while maintaining good form. ⠀⠀
Bottom of the Push up Hold – 20-30secs⠀⠀
Negative Push Ups to Elbows – x5-8reps⠀⠀
Explosive Push Ups – x5-8reps⠀⠀
Bottom of Push Up to Elbow Rocks to Elbow Rocks – x5-8reps⠀⠀
Tiger Push ups (Knees) – x5-8reps⠀⠀
x2-3 Rounds