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We all know that the purpose of a warm up is to loosen your joints, raise your core body temperature, and ultimately reduce the risk of injury during a workout.

However, they shouldn’t take too long and end up being a mini workout in itself especially when you are trying to get stronger. This is because you may unintentionally deplete your limited energy resource before being able to utilise it for the actual workout.

The best kind of warm ups drills are the ones that yield the best results while taking the least amount of your time. 

Here is a 5-10 minutes warm up routine that will be sure to give your whole body a proper warm up that it needs before working out.

1. Jumping Jacks – 45 seconds

2. Mountain climbers – 45 seconds

3. Scapula Push-ups – 10 times

4. Inchworm – 5 times

5. Dynamic hamstring stretches – 5 times each side

6. Glute bridge – 5 times

7. Squat to calf raise – 8 times

8. Shoulder circles 

– Small circles – 15 seconds

– Medium circles – 15 seconds

– Large circles – 15 seconds