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    Anyone have advice on the fastest way to build static strength?

    For example if I’m working on achieving a solid hold of a flag progression will I get there quicker by sets of max holds, OR for example 3 sets of 5 seconds, then next time 6 seconds etc, OR do you just grease the groove and do it as much as possible with your best form for as long as you can each time OR something different?

    I know theres merit to different ways of training statics I’m wondering if theres any science suggesting the most ideal/efficient way to increase static strength…

    Hope someone can help 🙂


    Milo of Croton
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    The way I look at it you’re trying to build strength (at least at first) in a specific position. Anything up to around 20s TUT will put you in that strength range, but from personal experience if you can hold for 20s you’re not getting enough of that neuromuscular connection- not “feeling” the position enough. So I’ve found 10s in a position is a good guide for the intensity to be working at. Then I try to build up plenty of volume so I have plenty of rest between holds, so many sets, and try to not quite reach failure unless it’s the last set and I’m not training that skill the next day. As an example:

    Say you can hold a straddle flag for 12s, then do:
    6x10s 3 mins rest between sets

    I have just used this approach to successfully get my front lever (again! Although I used the same approach the first time too…)
    Id love to hear if anyone uses greasing the groove?


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    Thanks Milo 🙂

    Since you responded I’ve been trying a new technique for planche:
    advanced tuck hold for 5 sets of 30 seconds (with decent rest between) every second day.

    I can hold the first set for 30, then the second and third for less and so on, with my aim being to get 5 solid sets of 30 seconds, then move onto next progression to achieve the same.

    This is inspired what you’ve said here, only I’m using 30 seconds instead of 10 for planche since it’s such a big leap between progressions and I feel I need to demolish a progression before moving on – I find I can hold advanced tuck for 30 seconds, but the frog or one leg for only a few seconds.

    I’m also coupling this with supporting exercises like planche leans and supinated straight arm anterior shoulder raises (or whatever those are called).

    Let me know what you think, I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

    Would still love to hear from more people about how they train statics

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