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    Tyler S
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    I know you can be vegan and have muscles, but how much muscle can you put on as a vegan? And how does it compare to not being vegan? For example if a vegan and a non vegan were both trying to pack on muscle would the vegan have a harder time/take longer/not gain as much?

    I’m just wondering because I see a lot of bodybuilders all they eat is chicken, meat, eggs, etc and I’m wondering how necessary that is. I want to make muscle gains but tbh I don’t like meat that much and I’m thinking of going full vegan…


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    Yo Tyler!

    Welcome to Cali Community! I went 99% Vegan (I sneak a bit of cheese occasionally) over 18 months ago. If anything, my strength and aesthetic has improved. When I first made the switch it was tough to eat enough of the right foods to feel full have enough energy. I can tell you know without a doubt though, that was not the foods fault! I didn’t know what the hell I was doing.

    My diet now consists of lots of 5 minute to cook meals, I am very time poor and am not interested in long meal prep times. I’ll start to post some recipes and meal plans up on the articles here on Cali Community soon. In the mean time though, to get you started.. most of my diet consists of:
    – Vegetable (fresh) – Sweet potato, pumpkin, capsicum, zuchinni, eggplant
    – Vegetables (frozen) – Green peas, corn kernels, spinach
    – Fruit (frozen) – Berries for days! Blueberries, Raspberry, Mixed Berry Mix, Mango, Avocado (yes, frozen Avocado from Coles in a blender is the best)
    – Fruit (fresh) – Bananas, bananas, bananas, Grapes, Peaches, Pears, Apples, bananas, Mango, Berries and Bananas, Berries, Mangos, Berries, Bananas!!!!!
    – Oats and grains – porridge, muesli, brown rice (Uncle Ben’s Mexican Brown Rice boom!)
    – Nuts and seeds – Aldi has a sweet selection, I put LSA mix into my morning fruit and veg shakes. I eat “Sultanas and Seeds” which have sunflower seeds and pepitas (pumpkin seeds) – so good. Almonds in my muesli etc.

    A super simple dinner for me is something like this:
    – Uncle Bens Mexican Rice
    – Tin black beans
    – Tin diced tomatoes
    – Capsicum, Zucchinni, green peas, corn kernels

    Throw it all into a saucepan at the same time, heat it for 3-5 minutes and serve it on a plate with a bit of pre-packaged salad from Coles or some Mountain Bread (Mountain Bread has like 3 ingredients and is how you should try to get your bread – the less ingredients the better)

    Keep an eye out for my articles man. If you need some Vegan Calisthenics inspiration check out these monsters: (New Zealand) (Australia) (Canada)

    I also strongly recommend getting your hands on a copy of “How Not to Die” by Dr Greger. Tonnes of peer reviewed research by some of the biggest universities and labs in the world doing some incredible work on the benefits of plant based foods and the detriments of a heavy meat or standard western diet.

    All the best Tyler, shout out if we can help you on your plant based journey.



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    If you want to know how much muscle you can have and also be vegan check out this guy:

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    Tyler S
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    Wow @Ads. So much info thanks man :). You’ve given me some really good ideas I think I’ll have to go shopping.

    Defeintely keen to read more of your articles, I want to see how much lean muscle I can gain this year without meat in my diet and its good to see how other people do it for inspo.


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