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Hey all,


My name’s Nathan Leith.

I’ve been into cali since mid 2017, into both the dynamic and static sides of calisthenics.

My aim is to push cali as much as I can til it overtakes crossfit in Australia! It’s a young style here in Oz so there’s plenty yet to come.

I’m a part of Maximum Potential Calisthenics and I run the @sydneycalisthenics insta with 1 other project coming up..


Ill leave the bio at this stage atm.. Keen to see what this is all about 😊



For the love of the cali fam 💪🏽❤️

Nathan Leith

Sydney Calisthenics

Current Goals

As of March 2019 I’m working on front lever, Alley-oop Gienger and human flag.